Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You Equinox Adventure Learning!

Hey everyone… Gary here!

Ryan was kind enough to let me contribute to his Blog…. So I figure my first addition would be a big huge thanks to Equinox Adventure Learning for a great winter of Ice Climbing right freakin down town! Chris Gishler worked his ass off all winter trying to make ice climbing available to everyone in the Whitehorse area. You did a great job Chris, your towers were amazing and as always your instruction was priceless. I’m excited for a great summer of climbing as always, but now I have something to look forward too in the winter as well! Oh and thanks to Ellen and the rest of the family for being so supportive of Chris and his crazy vision!

Thanks Chris… I’ll be seeing you again next winter….and this time I’ll have all my own gear!

See Ya


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