Monday, April 7, 2008

Winter Indoor Climbing 2007/2008

Thanks to the folks at the Carcross Adrenaline club we have arranged access to the indoor climbing wall at the Carcross school. All skill levels are welcome to come out and play around. We offer space for top roping and bouldering - currently we aren't setup for lead climbing.

In terms of gear we ask that you use the club's ropes and belay devices. If you have your own harness you are more than welcome to use it provided its in good shape. If you don't have any gear we have some provided by the Carcross Adrenaline club.

In order to top rope you'll need to be able to demonstrate:
  • setting up an ATC or GriGri
  • correctly tying in
  • appropriate safety checks
  • good comunication (belay calls)
  • smoothly belaying and lowering

We do a quick check to ensure that your skills are solid. Unfortunately, we a not setup to teach belay skills at this time. If there is a large enough demand for a belay course we may be able to arrange something.

A couple of last points: The Carcross club charges a fee that goes towards to replacing retired gear. The rates currently are $50 for the season or $5 per night. Climbing starts at 7pm and usually wraps up at about 9:30 at the Carcross School.

If you have any questions or would like to find out about car pooling drop a line to