Sunday, October 12, 2008

14 New Lead, and 15 New Top Rope Climbs In the Yukon

I want to start this post with a request for photos and stories of climbing here in the yukon, or Yukoners climbing elswhere....... Send your stuff to and we'll post it on our site!

Hello all, Well the weather was generally kinda crappy this summer but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a great climbing season. Our main goal this year was to open up some of our local climbing areas to accommodate the rapid growth of our climbing community, no sense in having line-ups when we have nearly unlimited rock! Turns out we have a boat load of climbing here in the Whitehorse area, or as I like to call it “land of a thousand crags!”  This summer saw the addition of 14 new sport routes as well as 15 new top rope only routes (most of which will be bolted for lead next summer), and  that is only in the Whitehorse area. Here’s low down on what’s new! 

White Mountian

Golden Canyon

The Rock Gardens

Silver Slab

Grey Mountain Lower

Grey Mountian Upper

The Acropolis

If you have spotted a possible climbing area, please send us an email ( Try to include good directions, pics and estimated height if you can. Also If you have any other information on any of these routes (pictures, first ascent info, etc.) let us know so we can update the info.

 The Yukon Rock Climbing Association (name isn’t final yet!) is looking to have its first official meeting very soon! If your interested in getting involved let us know.  The plan is to do what we can over the winter so that our summers are left free to climb.  Some of the possible projects are, trail cutting, out houses at the popular crags, retro bolts old climbs with un safe hardware, site expansion/ develpment, Ice Climbing, etc.  We have great group of keeners that want to make the Yukon a safe, modern place to go climbing. 

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