Sunday, October 12, 2008

Golden Canyon

30m past the “Ball Park” (the giant boulder you come across on the main trail) the trail jutes right toward the canyon wall.  Right at that point is super fun trad route called “Shark Attack”. This is a great little 5.10 finger to fist crack climb with the crux being at the halfway point when you transfer up onto the main ledge. This is an old route that we put a new anchor to replace the old faded webbing rap anchor. A top rope can now be setup from a quick scamper up to the right of the climb. Just as you get to the French Connection you will see 2 shiny new chain anchors just like the one on Shark Attack, (by the way the chain we used is load rated for 6600lbs, please use 2 biners at the bottom as to not wear out the chain links). These are 2 new top rope climbs that will eventually be bolted for lead (next spring). Farther up the canyon about 50m past the dihedral “Crackin Up” we have retro bolted the anchors on an existing climb.  Its wicked fun but use caution as it is still very dirty and belayers beware, this route has some loose rock still on it, so this is definitely a helmets on zone!


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