Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grey Mountain Lower

Yes that’s right there is climbing on that giant chunk of lime stone we all love to look at every day.  Head to the parking pull-out for the mountain bike trail called “Easy Money”, it’s the last parking area on the left side (going up) of grey mountain road once you pass the sign that says “road is not maintained beyond this point”.  From the parking spot stay low and follow the rock around to the left. Thanks to our friends Alain, Manu, and Sean There are 5 new climbs in this area. The first climb starting on the left as you face the rock is called “Sweet Hole” it has 4 bolts and is rated at 5.10d.  5 feet to the right is another climb that shares the same top as Sweet Hole but has a different start.  Manu says its really cool but quite hard, its rated at 5.11 b/c.  The Next climb to the right is overhanging and rated at 5.10d.  To the right some more is “The Grey Wave” it rates at 5.9+. The last climb on the right (for now!) is just around the corner and I’m told is a 5.9+.


  1. Yo Gary - The 10d that you refer to is actually more like a 10c and is called "Outta Sight"
    Cheers, Sean

  2. Sorry buddy just going by what Manu and Alain told me.

  3. Oops, I meant the SECOND 10d that you referred to. I am sure that Manu and Alain are right about the first one bu the second is in a similar range (10c or d) and is called "Outta Sight"

    Also, I am proposing calling this climbing area "The Back Alley"

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