Sunday, October 12, 2008

White Mountain (new stuff)

We have recently put up 2 new routes. When you arrive at the site, head right, into the “naked grotto” (the last area you will come to). You will see a new 17m (ish) - 6 bolt- dihedral route called “The Wet Spot”. It comes in at a lovely 5.10a, with the crux being right smack in the middle.  Over to the right some more you will see another freshly bolted beauty, named “Undulation”.  This one is around 15m and has 5 bolts and goes at 5.11a.  This ones a little harder with 2 cruxes, the first being near the bottom, and the 2nd one is right at the top.  Both routes are super fun and are begging for you to give them a pull.

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