Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Update - April 2009

Spring climbing is coming - actually for the hard core few - it might all ready be here :)

Here is an update on current happenings:

Indoor Climbing
Thursday, April 9, is the last day for indoor climbing at FH. It's been an awesome winter and its been great having everyone out. We hope that we can arrange it for next year.

The Equinox Ice towers are closed for the season however for the committed there is still decent ice for those willing to trek in. Intrepid Ice Climbers may have luck with Reid falls in Skagway, and shady parts of White Mountain.

A few hardcore climbers armed with shovels have ventured out to Grey Mountain and reported good, if slightly chilly/snowy climbing conditions. White Mountain is probably in good shape as well for those willing to dig out the base.

If you have any news re: the condition of any climbing areas let us know by dropping a line at or post below.


  1. news !!!!
    the spirit canyon rock is good too !!!
    last monday my freind isabel and i went to spirit canyon and that was really hard core but awesome !!!
    it took us just 3 hours and half to rich the spot
    we didn,t climb because no climbing gear and too much wind and of course too much snow !!!
    on the trail more than 60 cm so fun !!!so maybe ready for the next month !!!

  2. I went into Golden Canyon on Sunday April 19th. The west walls (east facing) are compltely free of snow at the botom and totally climbable! The east walls (west facing where most of the climbing is) have quite a bit of snow at the base but because it does not get much sun it was hard enough that you could start off of it (using a blanket or something).

    On that day it was definitely warm enough to climb but I wasa on my own so sight seeing (and skiing was all I could do)

    The appraoch may be another matter: I was ablt to drive to the wooden bridge (Falls Creek) but after that skied. I took 30 minutes to the campsite in the canyon and only 15 more to the dihedral. The snow is rapidly going isothermal so be prepared for a challenging apraoch if you decide to go!

    On the way out I went through Silver Canyon, It is amazing as well and needs more attention. So many trad routes in there and potential for two pitch routes as well!

    PS: I would think that Spirit Canyon is almost snow-free in the canyon by now.

  3. White mountian is somewhat good togo as well, the rock is even warm when the sun is out. A few of the routes are dry and ready to climb,,,,, but dont forget to bring your shovel to dig out the base.