Friday, May 1, 2009

Atlin Road construction affects White Mountain climbing area !!

We have recently learned that road construction on the Atlin Road is affecting White Mountain, our largest climbing area (by # of routes) !!

This it what we know:
  • Construction (mainly brushing) is already under way
  • The climbs closest to the road (climber's-left from parking) no longer have any trees/bush between the rock and the road
  • The other climbs to the right have not yet been affected
  • It seems like blasting may be planned
  • As far as we know all climbs are still climbable and the rock has not yet been affected
What we want/need to know immediately:
  • What further impacts can be expected by this project?
  • Are there plans for blasting?
  • Will climbers needs (parking and a brush buffer) be addressed?
What is being done:
  • Several climbers have written the Minister (of Highways and Public Works) and the Deputy Minister
  • Others have been working from the "bottom up" by talking to the area manager and other public servants involved directly with the project
  • YESAB, First Nations (CTFN) and other organizations are also being contacted
  • Some climbers plan to go there tomorrow to assess the situation (and climb!!)
  • A Public Information meeting is being planned for Monday, May 4th at 6pm at the Canada Games Centre (Meeting Rm 2)
What YOU can do:
  • Call, email or write a letter to the Minister and copying the Deputy Minister expressing your concerns about this project and its impacts to our recreation (contact info below)
  • ATTEND an INFORMATION SESSION that is planned for Monday, May 4th at 6pm in Meeting Room 2 at the Canada Game Centre to show how many people this affects. please come and bring friends!
  • Inform EVERY climber that you know about this issue and encourage them to write, email and/or call as well
  • Keep informed by returning to this website (blog) in order to take further action if and when necessary
  • Go out to White Mountain to climb and check out the impact for yourself
Resources for contacting the Minister and DM:
  • Minister of Highways and Public Works:
    • Archie Lang - 667-8643
  • Deputy Minister:
    • Mike Johnson - 667-3732
  • Main points to relay:
    • This matter is urgent and the project should be suspended until the impact to climbing is assessed
    • Blasting would be detrimental
    • The main needs of climbers at that area are: a small parking area; a reasonable distance from road to cliff; a bush buffer to provide a natural feeling, and to act as a sound and dust barrier from the road
    • Yukon has many climbers but limited climbing areas and White Mountain is one of our best
    • Climbing is a healthy, safe and low-carbon recreation that is enjoyed by many individuals and families and people of all abilities
Please take action, keep informed and ATTEND THE PUBLIC INFO SESSION on Monday night. If you have questions, comments or concerns or want to be more involved please email us at . Comments can also be placed by clicking the link below.


  1. Wow! It's great to see such a speedy and coordinated response to this sudden access issue. My family and I were out last weekend at White Mtn. ~ the climbing was fantastic, well developed routes, easy access, good parking. It is also a great place to teach climbing. It would be a shame to loose a site that so much work and expense has gone into.

    Christopher Gishler
    Owner Operator ~ Equinox Adventure Learning

  2. Update...

    I have written Minister Lang and Ted Staffen, I have also called both. As of Friday, I have spoken to their Executive Assistant and hope to meet with one or both this week.

    I will continue to pursue a meeting with the Minister and hope that they contact em before Mondays meeting with the climbing community.

    Stanley Noel