Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanks to all for White Mountain turnout ! (and an issue update)

Show of Support
On Saturday (May 9th) we had a great turnout at the White Mountain climbing area. There were 20 cars at one point with at least 40 different climbers and supporters there throughout the day! Media (Yukon News) also attended.

Climbing was happening from 9am to at least 6pm and one party even spent the night. Climbers of all abilities and age groups connected with others, showed substantial support for protecting this valuable recreational resource and enjoyed a safe day on the rock!

Action Update
It seems that the blasting will only marginally affect the actual climbing routes but we are still concerned about the impact of the excavation and ditching that will occur as the road is widened and moved closer to the cliff. One other safety concern is parking, the existing parking area will no longer exist post construction. On all these concerns Robin Walsh, Director of Transportation Engineering, Highways and Public Works Highways, has committed to working with Climb Yukon and Yukon climbers to find creative solutions.

The next step in the process is a site planning visit with Yukon government officials, the contractor and Climb Yukon members to determine what if any other impacts exist and to find solutions for them.

Even so its important to stay engaged. Construction is slated to start on June 15th. Until then get out and climb before construction starts - take your friends! Raise awareness of climbers and climbing in the territory.

If you have comments, concerns or questions please let us know either by posting a comment or sending an email to:


It was recently learned that the climbing area is already in Agay Mene Territorial Park, an area that is classified as a "Natural Environment Park". It is not formally established as a park yet but is classified as one. Perhaps Yukon Parks would work with us to provide and outhouse? More info here: Agay Mene Park.