Thursday, May 7, 2009

White Mountain Update and FACTS - May 7th

We are working with different levels of government and your support (letters!) is helping! Here is a quick update:

- We have a meeting with Highways and Public Works today
- The CBC story that ran this morning indicated that the blasting will not affect the rock climbs. This is not entirely accurate or certain. We DO NOT have official statements from the government confirming this yet. The CBC story is positive but not definitive
- Blasting is only part of the story - brushing, excavation, ditching, etc. are still major concerns
- Making good progress thanks to all the climbers sending letters - Keep on with the letters (see below post for example letters)
- Drop us a line at whenever you go out there so we know how much use the area is getting and your observations on numbers of other climbers and construction impacts
- Come out to White Mountain on Saturday and do some climbing - connect with your community and show support for the area!

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