Monday, July 20, 2009

D & D Boulder (near the rock gardens)

From Chris Cann:
Well we visited the D and D boulder tonight to take pictures and share with everyone. It appears some local climbers have already found it-blasted road! For those of you who haven't, head to the rock gardens but park on the left side of the new road. Start walking along the tree line towards copper ridge until you find a trail left. This trail used to go all the way to the rock gardens-blasted road! Follow the trail for 5 minutes, the D and D boulder is on your left- you can't miss it. So D and D ? Dungeons and Dragons. A buddy and I found this boulder 4 or 5 winters ago and have been picking moss and choss out of the nooks and crannys on obvious lines ever since. Yes I know, how do I know we found it. I don't, I just know we cleaned all 6 problems. But, If there is anyone out there that has been climbing it before us let me know. Most are highballs and required more nerve with the trees that use to be there. All of the problems in the first picture were sent with the trees in place. We tied the trees back with a dog leash. Check out the images for beta on the problems.
Something for everyone to consider: Climbing is an amazing sport, with individual beliefs and experiences. Access and safety are important considerations in climbing. Equally important is spending time with your friends in the outdoors. However I think there are some us that believe that climbing should be a subtle and respectful act that tries its best to be in harmony with nature . We have had some amazing sessions on the D and D boulder with the missing trees in place.
We are working in Haines junction this summer and have found some boulders on paint mountain,(or have found boulders that have probably already been found) we will keep you posted!!


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Thanks to Chris for submitting this info.

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