Monday, July 20, 2009

New ROUTE! - Golden Canyon..... No send as of yet!

Well here we go with another new route..... So Bri and I have been camping a lot in golden this summer which means.... we get time to bolt!

Sorry I dont have a pic just yet but the route is just to the left of "Crackin UP" in the upper canyon area. This one has been here for quite a while but only as a top rope. She now has 8 bolts as well as the standard chain anchor. This route is more technical than "Basquing in Your Affection" and is one hell of a pumpy brute! Follow the bolt line up till you pull through the mini-roof, then stay right at the top until you hit the anchor. The rock is really good and compact however there are a few questionable small flakes that might come off so be carefull when belaying. As far as I know it is still un-sent on lead so there's an FA waiting for someone. If you send it can you please write in and let us know the rating as well as the name so we can record it.

Have Fun!


Here is a pic by Jen Eakins of me drilling:

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