Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Climbing Conditions - April 2010

Spring is here!

The sky is cloud free and the snow is retreating. Some intrepid climbers have already dug out their climbing shoes and are wading though knee deep snow to get to the crags. Here's what folks have reported so far:

White Mountain:
All routes dry and the base clear of snow

Golden Canyon:
In climbable condition; the road is in an unknown state

Rock Gardens:
Routes appear to be dry but the base of the canyon is chock full of snow

McIntyre Creek:
The sport routes are dry and clear though the approach is very very snowy

There are no reports on other crags at this time. Though we suspect that Spirit Canyon and Magee Crag are probably in decent spring climbing condition.

If you have an update on the condition of any Yukon area crags drop us a line a

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  1. Stoked to hear that the snow is starting to retreat. I'm hoping to get back up there in June to see all the development taht's been going down.