Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bolting Hardware

For all of you who are setting routes out there we have a drill for rent and hardware available for sale.  As in previous years  we carry Hilti brand 3 3/4" stainless steel expansion bolts and Fixe hangers.  These are sold at our cost of $5/bolt and hanger set.   For information about drill rental drop a line to   All the money goes back into a bolting fund managed by Equinox and a couple of local climbers. 

If you are setting routes please use rated hardware - not the stuff you find in the Home Hardware.   Rated hardware carries a stamp that indicates the safe working load (SWL) usually rated in pounds.  You can find similar stamps and rating on all of your climbing gear, usually rated in kilonewtons (KN).  For bolts, check the stamp on the end of the bolt.  The Hilti bolts generally used in the Yukon are stamped either with a "D" (3") or an "E" (3 3/4") depending on their length.

If you come across a crag where you have questions about the bolts or some miscreant has removed the hardware let us know at and do our best to answer your questions and replace and missing or sketchy bolts. 

P.S. Please don't steal/borrow hardware (even if its just for a little bit and you promise to replace it "right away").  Its expensive (and annoying) to replace hardware and the money comes out of the pockets of local climbers.  A brand new route can cost around $50 to $100 to equip and every bolt we have to replace means one more bolt we can't put on a new route. 

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