Monday, September 26, 2011

New Route Round Up

It's been a quiet year for new routes. Many developers have been busy with other projects such as kids, paddling trips and guide books.  Even so a few new routes have gone up this year.  Here are the highlights:

Kusawa Lake - A new multi-pitch route was started somewhere south of the Kusawa Lake campground.  The first ascentionists came back repeating "It'll go, It'll go" as if it were a mantra.

Rock Gardens - Bolts are installed all along the top of Grand Central Station which means no more tree anchors!  Sweet! Also check out the 2 "new" trad routes to the left of Babbette.  Kid's Corner - 5.4 and Beneath the Moss - 5.6 to 5.9 (depending on how you climb it).

White Mountain - A new multi-pitch project on the go at White Mountain.  Developed in a brand new area, 3 pitches are bolted with more to come.   There's a lot of space in this area for really sweet, long lines.  It's definitely worth the invigorating hike.  More information to come when the route is declared finished.

Crag Ex - A new route has appeared between Derek's Route and False Expectations.  No one has stepped forward to claim it yet.  Take care when climbing this new route as there is a lot of loose rock and lichen.  The bolts run out 30 feet from the nearest set of anchors on False Expectations so be prepared to run it out.  False Expectations is due to get its bolts sometime this fall.