Monday, October 3, 2011

Indoor Climbing - 2011

Outdoor climbing coming to a close.  It seems only those with freakishly warm metabolisms or an affinity for cold digits are still out in the crags.  Fortunately,  Carcross Rec has come through for local climbers.  

Starting Thursday Nov. 10th Equinox Rox and Carcross Rec kick off their local kids climbing night in the Carcross gym.  The plan is or hold around 12-14 sessions.  Local kids climb from around 6pm-8pm and adults can climb till 9pm or later depending on what we can arrange with custodians.  

The cost is $10 per session with the potential of a season's pass.  There is a deal for those who come out early and help with the kids program (belaying or route setting).  Money raised goes back into the Carcross Rec program to cover the cost of more sessions.  

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