Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well folks, this was a successul event. The Cold Snap Crusher climbing competition attracted more than forty climbers from Whitehorse, which is pretty much the maximum our small FH indoor facility could take. Some of them were just enjoying the 20 boulder problems for a fun climbing evening, and other were more serious about competing.

Twenty problems rated from 0 to 20, the easiest to the hardest, were set-up and given a number of points (ex: 1 point for #0 and 22 point for #20). Participants had 3 hours to complete as many problems as they wanted. The best 8 scores were added and climbers were ranked accordingly.

In the female category, Amaya Cherain Hall, a climber from the Yukon Youth Climbing Team and a student in grade 11 at FH Collins, ranked first with 125 points. Jody Overduin was a close second, trailing Amaya by 10 points. Seamus Bearisto, another climber from the Yukon Youth Climbing Team, and a FH Collins student in grade 12, won the male category with a total score of 164 points. Seamus completed some of the hardest problems onsight (i.e. on the first try), which gave him a comfortable lead. For the third year in row, Matt Schenck, a local climber, kept his spot on the stage by taking second place with a score of 150 points.

Here are the overall results:

1- Seamus Bearisto (164 points)
2- Matt Schenck (150 points)
3- Drew Spicer (147 points)
4- Brent Law (123 points)
5- Ethan Allen (115 pionts)
6- Casey Parker (116 points)
7- Albert Grenier (114 points)

1- Amaya Cherian-Hall (125 points)
2- Jody Overduin (116)
3- Nesha Wright (80 points)
4- Ella Parker (60 points)
5- Verena Koenig (46 points)
6- Eva Slana (30 points)

Many people came out to enjoy the climbing and, in doing so, encouraged the Yukon Youth Climbing Team's fundraising efforts for the upcoming Canadian Bouldering Championships. The participation level clearly shows the need for an indoor climbing facility in Whitehorse, which is something we hope to see in the near future. Thank you to everyone for helping make the event a fun and successful one. Thanks also to Peter Polivka, Kathleen McDade, Kevin Embacher, Shane Dooley and Greg Oldridge who set the bouldering problems. Keep posted for the end of season Indoor Climbing Competition at the begginning of May.

Greg Oldridge took the time to capture the evening in pictures. Enjoy !

Here is the link:
[ ]

Alain Dallaire


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