Friday, March 16, 2012

Ice towers, Spammers and Other Fun

With Arctic Winter Games out of the way we can get back to business as usual.  Here are some of the bits that have piled up over the last few weeks.


  • The fine folks at Equinox have built a small ice tower this year.  Guided tours are available on the weekends at 1pm.
  • With longer daylight hours and stronger sun, many south facing climbs are becoming sun affected.  On the plus side melt water lines are starting to appear all over.  Go get your ice on before it disappears.
  • The Yukon Section of the ACC is making rumbles about an ice climbing trip in the next week or so.  Check their website for more details. 


  • Carcross wall is now closed for the season, so no more indoor climbing on Thursday evenings.  A huge thank you to the folks at the Rec Department for letting us share their wall.  Hopefully we can do it again next year.