Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rock Climbing Season Begins

This year's brilliant ice season has finally come to a close.  Most of the easily accessible climbs appear to be sun baked and lousy.  Fortunately rock season is getting into gear. 

With the amazing sunny weather over Easter weekend a number of south facing climbing areas are snow free and good to go.  The best part of early season climbing?  No bugs!

White Mountain
The base of White Mountain has been snow free for a while.  A couple of climbs towards the Naked Grotto will see seepage from snow melt but the majority of the climbs will be dry and in good condition.  Sun usually hits White Mountain later on in the morning and by the afternoon it can be t-shirt and shorts conditions.

Crag Ex
The approach is still very snowy and wet however the climbs are dry and snow free.  The sun hit the House Wall in the morning and the base gets nice and toasty by mid-day.  By 5pm the sun moves on and the climbs are in cooler shade.  

Other areas such as McIntyre Creek and Spirit Canyon should be getting lots of sun now but as yet there are no reports of climbers braving the snowy approach.


  1. We tried the gardens tonight......a little early.


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