Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ibex Valley Bouldering Festival - UPDATE

Hello folks,

Just an update on the Bouldering Festival.  Due to life getting in the way there will be no organized festival this year.  However it does sound like a number of folks will be out there this weekend.

Sierra posted the following on Facebook yesterday:

Hey everyone! just to make things clear -- this is NOT going to be an organized Festival as it has been in the past. so Please organize your own rides, bring your own food, slacklines, etc. Sorry we couldn't put more of an effort into this, but hopefully with a bit of collaboration and sending energy it will be as fun as ever!! There is a map on how to get there below. I won't be able to make it there until around 1pm but feel free to head out earlier! Excited to see everyone! :)

So, find a friend with a 4x4 and head out this weekend.  The Ibex Valley is home to some superb problems and fantastic scenery.  It will be an excellent way to spend your Saturday.