Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Routes on Grey Mountain, by Greg Oldridge

New Routes on Grey Mountain

The area's called Hidden View, it's a 20min hike up the steep Easy Money mountain bike trail. Accessed from the same car-park as the lower Grey Mountain climbs. There's a googlemap of the access [ ]here. The topo below shows the routes. The one on the right is is called Old Was Bold & is somewhere near 5.10d or 5.11a. It's 45m & 10 bolts to the top. The one on the left is called Trundle (named after the giant block removed from the start & now lying at the base of the crag) & is probably 5.10a. I think there's 6 bolts, but I need to put another one in the lower easier section. I found Old Was Bold by spotting an old bolt from the 80's that Eric Allen thinks he may have placed. He doesn't think that he got round to finishing the route though. Before I added more, the route had two bolts for the 45m pitch. Bold indeed!

There are several ways off the crag:
There's a rap station halfway up, between the two routes, so you could use a single 50m rope & rappel twice.
There's a single bolt up & right of the top common anchor that will lead you to 30m of easy terrain & another anchor. From here you'd have to walk off to your right. 
Lastly, the second could trail another 50m rope so you could make a full length rappel to the bottom.I'm crap at grading things though so would like to hear what people think of the grades. I realise that's unlikely to happen until next season, but I'd really like to know what you think. The views across Whitehorse are stunning & it gets full sun from mid morning until sunset.

There's loads of potential for new routes too. Enjoy,

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