Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 22nd, 2013 Cold Snap Indoor climbing Results: Amaya Cherian-Hall comes out on top !

 The last climbing competition of the 2012/ 2013 season was on Friday, March 22 at the FH Collins indoor climbing wall. A total of 25 participants came for the event. Twenty routes were set-up by Ray Sabo and Alain Dallaire. All but two of the routes were climbed by Friday’s climbing crowd.

Female youth climber Amaya Cherian-Hall largely dominated the competition with the highest overall score of all participants - 314 points. Amaya took top place in the open female and youth female categories. Amaya is a grade 11 student from FH Collins, and has been competing seriously in the sport for the last two years. A month ago she participated in the Canadian circuit Tour de Bloc in Abbotsford, BC as a first time participant at this level, and had a great experience. She has lots of potential and always pushes her limit with a great attitude and concentration when climbing.

(Picture taken by Angus Endress)
Second place in the female youth category went to Selina Pinter with 233 points. She started climbing with the club this year and has done really well. Only 13 years old and with many more years of climbing to come, Selina will be one to watch in the next few years. Tori Knutson took third place among the female youth with 133 points. She is also a newcomer to the club and has progressed tremendously since the start of the season in September.

Jody Overduin climbing the roof  (Picture taken by  Angus Endress)
Another athlete that surprised everyone at the event was Pelly Vincent-Braun, a promising climber from FH Collins School. He took first place in the male youth category with 308 points. Only 13 years old, and his first year climbing, Pelly has a lot of potential on the climbing scene. The defending youth champion from the last competition was Calden Hoefs. He took second place in the male youth category with 299 points. This will be Calden’s last competition in the Youth category in the Yukon as he is leaving for University next year. Calden hopes to keep up on the Tour de Bloc competitive circuit next year down South. Finally, in third place, Henry Bearisto surprised everyone with 249 points. Considering he is still suffering from a foot injury and a broken wrist and had been back climbing only for two weeks, he performed very well. Henry is a grade 10 student at FH Collins.   

In the open female category, Jody Overduin earned 238 points and took second place behind Amaya. Having won the competition two year ago in the female open category, Jody was quite impressed to see the how much the youth climbers have improved. Third position for open females was taken by Selina Pinter.

Pelly Vincent-Braun and Calden Hoefs took first and second place, respectively, in the open male category. Not far behind with third place, Peter Knamiller had a score of 294 points, 5 points away from Calden.

Overall the competition was a success with a large youth contingent. The routes from the competition will also stay on for the adult climbing on Monday and Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm. If you want to try them out, come out during these evenings and test your abilities. 

Overall results: 

Results climbing comp March 2013
francis belanger y m 156
Sam Fleming y m 69
mac prawdzik y m 175
Allen Mark y m 184
Calden Hoefs y m 299
Angus Endress y m 30
Finn Matrishon y m 116
pelly vincent braun y m 307
william Rees Y m 194
Michelle Clusiau a f 90
Kassi Wright y f 129
julian beairsto y m 66
henry beairsto y m 249
jakov tokic y m 234
brahm hyde y m 90
Taylor McLeod a m 163
Amaya Cherian-Hall y f 314
Tori Knutson y f 133
Jody Overduin a f 238
Sage Verrier-Siska Y m 187
selina pinter f 233
abby genier a m 273
peter knamiller a m 294
Brett Pagacz a 71
Andrew Crist Y 135


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